Is Mayonnaise an Instrument?

Daniel Dillen

Daniel was born in the Netherlands, grew up in New Zealand and has spent time in both the UK and Chile. He's been involved in 3D Printing since late 2012 starting up a 3D Printing Service operating from within the Biz Dojo in the Auckland CBD. In that time he's been involved in projects that have spanned many industries and professions, each finding a unique use of this great technology. Daniel has an in depth knowledge of all forms of additive manufacturing which he has put to use in creating prototypes and various designs. He has also spent much time passing on that knowledge to anyone who is keen to learn. In October 2014 Daniel joined the charity OMGTech! as their 3D Printing and CAD Modelling expert, teaching children from the age of six and upwards. He's also given public talks and and informational classes to adults.


  • noun f (Portuguese)
    1. 1. Residence (place where one lives)
      2. Livelihood (person’s means of supporting himself)
      3. The way someone lives

    To us, Vivenda is all of the above. Design is our home, our livelihood and a way of life.

    Media Coverage

    Unlimited Magazine - Entrepreneurs on the Edge
    New Zealand Herald - Going flat out toward a 3D future
    Girborne Herald - Imagination our only limit

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    Daniel Dillen
    Email: contact@vivenda.co.nz